No one is there and you are on your own. When you love something so much, nothing is going to stop you from doing there. And there are always alternatives. So how can you train martial arts on your own when you do not have a training partner?

If you read my post, you know I often say, train and do sparring with your training partner. Your training partner is not available. Maybe he or she was supposed to come and for some reasons, he/she didn't. So you quit your training. Of course not.

When no one is in front of you, you can imagine that someone is in front of you. Now you strike as if you hit the invisible person. You want to hit his solar plexus, so target that and punch. To hit his knee, kick low.

When you train martial arts, where you look, that is important. You look another way and strike in another direction, that is not going to bring good results. Look in front of you. And make your move. You can move to the side and strike.

You might see a mirror in your martial arts institution where you train. Even if you go to the gym, you can see a mirror over there. Why is the mirror over there?

To do your make up or see how amazing you look. Nope! When you train martial arts, it is important to make your move correct. If you train on your own, a mirror can help you a lot. You can practice martial arts in front of the mirror and see your movement clearly.

In case you make any mistake, you can correct that and do it right. You can use a kick bag or punching bag and start practicing. You can increase your speed and power which is very important in martial arts.

So how do you train martial arts on your own? Please feel free to share your experience or thoughts about it. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post.

Stay safe. Always be happy!