You use an umbrella so that you do not get wet when it rains. If your life is in danger, you can use anything as a weapon to defend yourself. Even you can use an umbrella to defend and attack the attacker.

So how can you defend yourself using an umbrella?

If you want to get rid of someone, maybe you like to push him. Instead of pushing the attacker with your hands, you can grab the Umbrella with your hands and push him. The basic is the same. You are using your Umbrella to protect yourself.

If someone attacks you, you can block or parry that. Now you can do the same thing with the Umbrella. You can defend a punch using both sides of the Umbrella. Just like palm slap parry, you can use the Umbrella and move the attacker's hands down.

If you like to punch the attackers, you can hit the attack on the straight like straight punch. You can also attack the attacker like a hook. It can land his face to the side. There are different ways you can strike with the Umbrella.

In case the attacker kicks you, you can defend that with an umbrella as well. If you want to hit to the groin, you can do that. How you are going to counter-attack the attacker, it is up to you. You are just defending yourself. You can attack vulnerable parts of the body if you want. Use reasonable force to counter-attack.

If there is no need to strike the attacker hard, you do not have to hurt him pretty bad. Sometimes when the attacker knows you are not an easy catch, he will not attack you anymore. To see some basic moves with an umbrella, you can watch this video.

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