If you practice martial arts, you do not see martial arts differentiate men and women's training. It is not like you are a man, so you will learn this and you are a woman, so you will learn that.

Then how come you see Women's Self Defense?

Are there any specific techniques for women?

Self defense is the same for men and women. When it comes to defending yourself, of course, someone who is bigger and stronger has the leverage. If I say, they don't, that's a lie.

If you have ever faced a situation where you had to deal with a bigger guy, you understand it very well. A taller guy can punch and hit standing from distance. But from the same distance, if you punch him, you cannot even touch him, let alone hit him. So he has the leverage.

Size and strength matter. When you learn self defense techniques, you see that you cannot successfully apply some techniques and another student applies it perfectly and it works for him.

There is nothing wrong in the technique. There are some techniques that are not suitable for everyone. And at the same time, there are some techniques everyone can successfully apply for self defense.

When we see women's self defense, they design self defense techniques that women can apply easily to protect themselves.

In your martial arts training, you learn different things. When your life is in danger and you have to fight to survive, you find those self defense techniques most effective that are simple, easy to learn and straight forward.

So basically there is no difference between men and women self defense techniques. There are some techniques that are easy to learn and execute. Instructors teach some self defense techniques in the level of Women's Self Defense.

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Stay safe. Always be happy!