To stay healthy and fit, you can do a lot of things. You can do exercise and yoga. You can go to the gym or do workouts at home. You can do whatever you like the most. If you love yoga, you can start from there. Besides doing exercise, pay attention to what you eat because it directly affects your body.

We learn martial arts for many reasons. You can learn the sports version of it and participate in fighting competitions. If that is what you want, go for it. If you want to learn martial arts for self defense, you are good to go. You see, martial art is just kicking and punching from outside. But every martial art focuses on specific things.

Your reason behind learning martial arts is very important. It will determine which martial art you should learn. It also acts as a driving force in the journey of learning martial arts. Whatever the reason for learning a martial art, you always get health benefits.

When you enroll yourself to learn martial art, they will not teach you martial art from day one. They usually teach you some basic exercises so that you are ready to learn martial arts. So you have to prepare yourself. You might think about what you are doing over there - just doing some exercise.

You have to have patience, my friend. It is not that you will learn it in a short time. It takes dedication, time, and patience to learn martial arts. At the same time, you should be consistent in your training.

Although you focus on learning martial arts, you will get health benefits when you learn martial arts. It will make you healthy and strong. I'm passionate about martial arts, and I'm sharing different things about martial arts. If you like martial arts, please stay tuned.

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Stay safe. Always be happy!