When you build a building, you should make the foundation strong. If the foundation is good, you can build a building and it will not collapse. Having a foundation is very important.

When you learn martial arts, you should learn the basics first. This is your foundation. It will help you understand different things better. So have patience and keep learning.

Are you confused like hey, you say this on the other day and now what you say, that is completely opposite?

My friend, if you learn the basics and have a good foundation, you will understand different techniques better. You will also understand when you should apply a particular technique for self defense. Martial art is only for self defense. You can learn martial arts and focus on sports if you like.

If you are a beginner, start learning the basics first and move forward step by step. I usually talk about basic things in my posts. If someone asks me specific questions, I talk about advanced techniques. I have made some posts recently about self defense against hair grab based on your feedback.

In case you have not read those posts yet, you can read it now so that you do not miss anything. Here are the links.

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When you learn martial arts, follow your instructor's instructions. If you do not understand something, you can always ask questions. You might not understand something now or you think it does not make sense, but you will understand it later.

Like any sports or exercise, you should warm up first. When you start practicing a martial art, do some exercise and warm up first. Then you are ready to go. When you learn new moves, make sure that you get the movement right. You do not need to do it fast at the beginning. Get the movement right, then you can add speed and power.

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Stay safe. Always be happy!