Stand there. Don't move. Someone is going to punch you.

What would you do? You will not stand there. Even if you stand there, you are prepared to block that punch or you will apply force so that you will not get hurt by the punch.

Sparring is so important when you learn martial arts that you cannot skip it. It is part of the learning process. You will learn a lot of things when you do sparring.

You are sparring with your training partner. You are punching and kicking and at the same time defending his strike. You make an effective move, your partner is supposed to fall on the ground because of your strike and force.

No, he is still standing there and absorb that. You hit his leg, and he makes it hard. It seems nothing happens.

Now you make your move surprising him. And you are able to see the effect. Then again you make the same move. But this time, it is not as effective as it was before. It is because your training partner understand your move and how you flow your energy to strike.

So when you fight for self defense, you find it hard to strike and hit the attacker, you can change your direction to strike and flow of strike. You will see it works like a magic.

You just redirect his force or move him in a different direction. He will not be able to keep his balance. This is something he does not expect and he is not prepared for it at that moment. You can use this in a fight for self defense.

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Stay safe. Always be happy!