What do you think of martial arts?

It is just kicking, punching and fighting.

Well, that's what you see from outside. Martial arts is a way of life.

Mindset of a martial artist

You see kicking and punching. What do you think where that operates from? Of course, it is from the head, mindset, the way of thinking. A martial artist knows it very well how it feels to hit someone and get hit by someone. They know the pain of getting hurt. In the training, they have to absorb a lot of things. When you know the feeling of getting hurt, you are not going to hurt someone if you are a good person.

Self defense

Martial art is only for self defense. All you are taught in martial arts is how you can defend yourself when your life is in danger and how you can avoid the possible threats. If you cannot defend yourself, how come are you going to defend others? So martial artists learn to defend themselves and defend others. Martial art is a combination of body, mind, and soul. It is to stop the violence, not to create more.

Soft and hard principle

When it comes to defending yourself, it does not mean that you have to be hard. There is a hard and soft principle in martial arts. Sometimes you have to be soft, and sometimes you have to be hard.

When your opponent comes with an aggressive move, you can easily change the force being soft, redirect the energy in a different direction. That's way, you can defend yourself. And at the same time, you have to be hard to counter-attack based on the situation.

In real life, you are not always in a serious mood. You have fun and laugh. Sometimes you are very serious when you work or when you are very focussed on something. We use the hard and soft principle in life without realizing it. The more you understand martial arts, the more you can relate it to your life. It is because martial arts is a way of life.

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