Do you want to learn some complicated techniques for self defense?

In your training, you can learn different long and complicated techniques. You can do it while sparring. It looks cool. But you do think you can use those complicated techniques for self defense when your life is in danger?

When you are being attacked and you already got hit, you do not want to show some long and complicated moves. The only thing you want to do in that situation is to protect yourself and get out of there.

The thing is, you will not remember those complicated techniques or even if you remember, you cannot apply that properly because it takes time.

If you have any experience of facing a situation like this, you know exactly how it feels being in that situation. You might be nervous, get worried and frightened. You can execute any technique during sparring with your partner but when you face it for real, this is not a game.

The attacker is going to hurt you. So you want to use the technique that you can apply fast and is effective for self defense. What you learn for self defense, it should be direct, simple, easy to remember and effective for self defense.

You will not get the time to think and then fight. You have to make your move instantly to defend yourself. To make any move without thinking about it, you need to spend time to practice. And you should do sparring with your training partner. You have to use this to protect yourself in a situation when you are under pressure.

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Stay safe. Always be happy!