Bear hug is a common attack. If someone comes and bear hug you from the front, AKA, grabs your body from the front, what can you do to do?

In this situation, the attacker can grab your body in two way - bear hug with your arms and bear hug without your arms. When the attacker grabs your body with your hands, literally, he is in a position to control you and move you from there. Your hands are stuck there.

So first of all, if he tries to move you here and there, that is a problem. Keep distance between your legs and ground yourself properly. In this situation, you can do a couple of things. You can hit his toe with the hill of your leg. Or, you can headbutt him if you like. If you hit this toe, this is going to be very painful. He cannot grab you so tight. Now release your hands and get rid of him.

If the attacker grabs your body without your hands, that means your hands are free. So you can do a lot of things. But remember one thing, if the attacker is strong enough, you can still grab you tight and control you if you do not know what to do. Let's watch this video to have a better understanding.

If you just try to hit him and he can absorb that, you cannot get rid of the bear hug. So you can take control this situation if you are able to control his head. You can grab his head from the behind or you can apply pressure to his chin and turn his head. Now you can easily take control in this situation. And you can strike your opponent.

Alternative Techniques

You can ground yourself properly and hit his toe with the hill of your leg as I said earlier. If the attacker is very strong, you can apply another technique. Grab his head with your both hands and put pressure on his eyes with your thumbs. You can do that in an extreme case if the attacker grabs you and attempts to kidnap you.

If you are a woman, and a guy does this to you. It can be dangerous. He can bear hug you from the front, lift you up, move you from there or kidnap you. So you can easily guess what will happen next. A woman can use this technique, it will be effective. If someone is going to hurt you, you have the right to defend yourself. You can use this techniques for self defense.

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Disclaimer: This is only for educational/entertainment purpose. We recommend seeking professional help. We will not be responsible for your action.

Source: Video and Video Credit: Master Wong

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