If someone wants to force you to do something or take you with him, he usually grabs your hands. If he has a knife or gun, he can use that to threaten you. But they do not always have weapons, or if even they have weapons, you do not want to use in public place.

Sometimes they just use some techniques like grabbing hands or hair and try to control the situation. I have made a post recently where you see how the thieves steal the bike, grabbing the owner's hair and hitting her. This could happen in real life. In case you have not read that post, here's the link.

Stop Bike Thieves and Defend Yourself

Let's watch this video. I do not understand the language that is spoken in this video, but I am very familiar with these techniques. All video credit goes to WIN Company Ltd.

When someone grabs your hand, there are a thumb on one side and the other four fingers on the other side. To defend yourself and get rid of the handgrip, you can pull your hand following the thumb of the attacker. It is easy to do that. And the attacker cannot do anything to prevent that.

Can you get rid of the wrist grab making your move towards the attackers four fingers?

The answer is yes, you can. That has a different purpose, and it depends on what you want to do with the attacker. If you are a beginner, I do not want to make you confused. When you go to the advanced level, you can learn advanced techniques.

If the attacker grabs and pulls your hand, first make him stop and get control. To do that, you can make the distance between your legs and put your body weight on your legs. Now even a bigger and stronger opponent will find it hard to move you. Then you can use the technique and get rid of that.

There is another technique you can apply in this situation, and it is not in the video. Instead of pulling your hand, just move your hand in a circle following the thumb of the attacker. No matter how strong the attacker is, he will not be able to hold your hand anymore.

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