You think you have nothing to defend yourself. You have your hands, and you have your legs. If you know how to use your hands and legs, you can protect yourself. Today we are going to talk about spinning kick and whether it is useful for self defense or not.

If you see fighting competition or MMA match, you see the fighters do spinning kick in a fight. If you like to watch martial arts action movies, you also see spinning kicks. At the end of this post, I will share a martial art movie clip.

So can you use spinning kick when you fight for self defense?

The spinning kick looks fantastic! You can hit your opponent with a spinning kick. When we see fighting competition, we often think the champion is the best fight. Of course, he is the best fighter in the fighting competition. In a match, you cannot hit certain parts of the body even if you get the chance. You have to follow the rules, and you know what you can or cannot do.

In a street fight, there are no rules, and the attacker can do anything or hit anywhere he wants. In a fighting competition, you know that if you strike like that, your opponent can hit certain parts of the body because it is exposed, but he cannot do that due to the rules. So you are safe.

When you fight for self defense, the attacker will exploit your weakness and hurt you. You do not want to give him any chance to attack the vulnerable points of your body. When you do spinning kick, your back is exposed. To do the spinning kick, you are turning; the attacker can close the gap, and your spinning kick will be useless.

To hit with the spinning kick, your opponent has to be at a certain distance. Your opponent can step back to defend the spinning kick. Then you can get the chance to attack him again. However, your opponent can move forward while you are doing a spinning kick. He can stop you, and at the same time, he can strike you.

If you have no idea what the attacker is capable of doing, it is better not to do spinning kicks. All you want is to defend yourself, and you are not trying to be a hero or something. You can do front kicks, sidekick, and roundhouse kick. You can also kick to his knee, thigh as well as you can do knee charge, elbow strike, palm strike, chop, and hammer fist.

Sometimes some moves that are not so effective can be effective based on the situation. If you fight multiple attackers, you often find yourself in the middle, and that's the vulnerable position to stay and fight. You should try to keep your attackers in front of you. When you fight, you cannot see all the attackers. You can do a spinning kick, and at the same time, you see all attackers' positions.

You cannot focus on a single attacker while fighting with multiple attackers. So based on the situation, you can do spinning kicks, but you should be aware of what could happen. I'm going to end this post sharing a martial art movie clip. Let's watch this video.

Thank you so much for reading this so far. Please feel free to share your opinions in the comment section. I'd love to hear from you. If you like to learn more about martial arts and self defense, you can check out some of my recent posts before I share another post.

Stay safe. Always be happy!