When you do something, your purpose determines what is effective and what is not. You can learn martial arts and use it for different purposes.

Today we are going to talk about spinning kicks and strikes. So should you do spinning kicks or you should avoid that?

Let's watch this video first and all video credit goes to chintya candranaya.

In this video, you watch spinning kicks and strikes. It looks amazing. If you watch martial art action movies, you can similar things. In the comment section of the video, some people say that it is better than Hollywood big action movies.

If you want to learn martial arts and your purpose is to be an actor and do action movies, you will find spinning kicks and strikes very useful. Movies are mainly for entertainment. It looks awesome in the camera.

But if you want to learn self defense and use martial arts to defend yourself in real life, you might not do spinning kicks and strikes. So can you hit with spinning kicks? Yes, you can, but when you do spinning kicks, you expose your back to the attacker.

When it comes to self defense, never underestimate your opponent. You have no idea what your opponent is capable of doing. So if the attacker is good at fighting, he can exploit the moment while you are doing spinning kick and attack you right away. Moreover, it takes time to do spinning kicks.

You want to strike fast and that can help you protect yourself. In this video, you also see some fancy moves. That's good for movies, but not for combat in real life. They are good fighters, no doubt about that.

It is recommended to avoid doing spinning kicks and strikes when you fight for self defense. So what you do think about that? Please feel free to share your opinions in the comments below.

Thank you so much for reading this post.