You can kick and probably break something. If you see something and get inspired to do the same to break hard stuff with kicks, I'm not sure whether you can break that or not, but probably you will break your leg.

So please do not follow or do anything that you read or see in this post without professional training. Well, I don't often say that in my post. But today I have to say that.

You can watch incredible things like breaking something hard with punch or kick. Is it possible to break a baseball bat with shin kick?

Okay, one baseball bat. Maybe it is possible. How about two? Okay. How about breaking three baseball bats?

Probably no one would try to break three baseball bats with shin kicks. So what is the secret of kicking and breaking?

Are they super human?

They are like us, but they have been trained to do that for years. This is not something you can achieve in three months, six months or one year. They have been training for a really long time.

To be able to break a hard thing like a baseball bat, they do not try to do that at the beginning. They train to hit something soft, for example, a kick bag. Then they practice and try to hit something hard.

They practice on pole, banana trees. When they hit on something like that, they fracture their legs. Then that fracture parts are filled with new borne. It gets harder. In this way, it keeps growing.

And when they train like this for a long time, they are able to do something incredible like breaking three baseball bats. Grand Master Dr. Mak Yuree broke three baseball bats with shin kicks. Let's watch this video.

Please do not try this at home. Thank you so much for reading this, Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

Stay safe. Always be happy!