Street fight does not start like a fighting competition. Before getting into a fight, you see people are arguing, shouting and getting close to each other. Or sometimes it happens out of nowhere.

You have no idea before that someone is going to attack you. Sometimes you see little movement of the attacker before doing the sucker punch. Sometimes you get distracted or just cannot see what happens. The moment you realize it, you already get hit.

Now if you talk about self defense against the sucker punch, the thing is, if you are in a punching range, it is so difficult to defend that. That's it. I can end this post here. Let's watch the following video where it shows the real life situations.

Real life situations

In a situation like this, you usually get nervous or excited and you tend to get freeze. You cannot react fast. In order to defend yourself, you have to react fast. If the reaction time decreases, that does not work in your favor.

Always be aware of your surroundings. If you are too focus on one object or one person or one person's certain part of the body, you cannot see the whole things. If there is one guy attacking you and you just look at his face, not the movement of his shoulder or body position, you will find it difficult to defend yourself against the sucker punch.

When we talk about self defense, the distance is a very important factor in a fight. Someone is able to do the sucker punch because you are in a punching range. If you keep the distance and the attacker moves forward to punch you, you can see that and have more time to react and counter-attack.

People usually get too close to each other and argue before a fight. If you sense that the guy can punch you and you find yourself in a punching range, simply get out of the punching range. Yes, the attacker can step forward and attack, but the punch cannot even touch you if you are already out of the range.

Your body position and movement are also very important. Do not stand in front of the attacker. Instead, stand to the side. At the same time, don't take your eyes off your opponent. As Bruce Lee said,

"Never take your eyes off your opponent, even when you bow."

You will be in a better position to defend yourself and counter-attack.

You can keep your hands up. Now if you do martial art, you tend to keep your hands up, fist and stand in a nice fighting stance. If you do that in a street fight, that gives the clear signal that you want to fight or you are ready to fight. Just keep your hands up with open hands. In case the guy attacks you, you are ready to make your move.

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Stay safe. Always be happy!

Source: Video and Video Credit: Fight SCIENCE

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