If you know something but you cannot apply that, it is as if you do not know that. When you know something, that indicates you can do something about it.

When we talk about martial arts and self defense, this is something applicable in your life. This is not a theory. This is not something that imaginary and you can do something in another world.

If you learn something, but you do not get any sort of benefits or useless to apply in your life, that will have no influence in your life. If you learn some self defense moves, that means those moves are supposed to be applicable in combat or help you defend yourself. If you cannot do that, that implies either those moves are not applicable or you did not learn it properly.

There are short self defense courses like one day, three days or one week. You can get an idea and learn some basic self defense techniques in a short period of time. If you want to be good at it, you have to spend your time, learn step by step. And it does not happen over night or in a couple of days.

When you train martial arts, you should train hard. Make sure that your moves are correct. When you do that on a consistent basis, your self defense skills will improve and it becomes your second nature. When you have to fight for self defense, you can use the techniques without thinking about it. You just respond and react to the situation.

Martial arts

Even if some techniques are useful, but you are not fast enough, you cannot make it work for you. Speed matters. Your opponent can stop your strike if that is not fast. Or, if you block and that is slow, you will get hit.

When you have speed, that's great. Put your power on your strike. Only touching certain parts of the body is not going to work. It might work in fighting competition because if you just touch certain parts of the body with your kicks and punches, you will get the points. The more points you get, the better. And it determines the result of the fighting competition.

But when you fight for self defense, there is no point like this. The only goal for street fight is to defend yourself and go back home alive. So the techniques that are very useful in the fighting competition, that might not be so useful in combat self defense. Use those moves that are direct, easy to use and effective when it comes to self defense.

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