He is the champion, he must be a good fighter. To be the champion, you have to be a good fighter and do better in the fighter competition. You have to win, otherwise, you cannot be a champion. So what makes you a better fighter for self defense?

Once someone said that he is an MMA fighter, he fights with professional fighters in the match and wins the competition. So he is a good fight for self defense on the street.

Moreover, in a street fight, you usually do not face any fighter who is trained in martial arts, so you can beat him easily. Well, the thing can be the opposite.

In a fighting competition, fighters get hit and injured. Bad things happen, still, it is a controlled environment. You have to follow the rules. If a fighter gets injured badly, the fight will be stopped.

But in a street fight, that is not a controlled environment. You can get injured badly but the attackers will not stop attacking you. There is no time frame, so no one can tell how long it will continue. The attackers do not compete, they want to hurt you. And that is the biggest difference.

Yes, most of the time, the attackers are not trained in martial arts, but they use violence. They have weapons. And this is not a fair fight. There could be multiple attackers, and you have to face them all.

Now you can guess what it looks like fighting for self defense. So can you handle that? If yes, that's what makes you a better fighter for self defense.

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