When you fight and you are close, you can be in a grappling situation. The attacker can grab you and you can do the same. It is better not to engage in grabbing and end up on the ground.

Even if you are good at grappling, there is no mat on the street. So when you fall down on the ground, you will most likely get gurt. The attacker will do his best to get you on the ground when you throw him.

As a defense, the attacker can grab you so that you cannot throw him. When you make your move, you have to set him up. Instead of stepping forward and making obvious moves, you can kick and punch him. As a result, he will get engaged, then you can easily throw him on the ground.

When you fight, you have to think of dealing with multiple attackers. You are good at ground fighting, that's great. When you are busy fighting on the ground, other attackers can easily hit you. Although you successfully lock the attacker on the ground, if other attackers strike you at the time, that puts you in a vulnerable position.

So stand up and fight. You can sweep the attacker's leg to make you fall on the ground. The key point is you have to make the attacker off balance. If the attacker loses his balance, just a little strike on his leg can do the job. And he might get hurt pretty bad when he falls on the ground.

So do not let the attacker grab you or even he grabs you, make sure you do not get down on the ground. Engage him first so that he does not get a chance to grab you or do anything else.

Thank you so much for reading this. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. Stay safe. Always be happy!