A street fight is a fight that looks like the same as fighting in a competition. But it is not. You can be a good fighter and win the match, you might not survive in a street fight. A street fight is different and you have to have the right mindset.

When you fight in a competition, all you want is to win the match. Be a winner. In a street fight, please don't try to be a hero. To survive and defending yourself are the main things here.

Be calm and observe the situation

When you are in a situation you feel you will get attacked, that makes you nervous or excited. It usually happens and that's normal. So try to be calm and observe the situation. If you observe the situation, you can guess what could happen or what your attackers try to do. Maybe they just want to steal your money. Or, they want to hurt you pretty bad. Or, they want to kidnap you. Thay can have different motives behind their attack. If you figure it out what they are trying to do, it would be easier to defend yourself.

Don't show you are ready to fight

Your attackers might say something to make you angry first. Don't stand in a fighting stance or give some sort of signal that you are ready to fight. Or don't let them know you have martial arts skills and you know exactly what to do in a situation like this. If you do, they will be more careful to attack you. Or, they might attack you aggressively.

Don't get too close to your opponent

You see when people talk loudly or have an argument, they come too close and talk. Don't get too close to your opponent. In case you are attacked, it will be difficult to see it and respond to it. You can get hit. If you are too close to your opponent, you are in a vulnerable position.

Don't wait to be attacked

There are different situations and you have to act based on the situation. When you observe the situation, you will get an idea of what is going to happen next. If you see the guy keeps attacking people one by one, don't let your attacker attack you. Instead, you attack first. Attacking is the best defense and it is based on the situation. If you see you can get out of there without having a fight, just leave the place immediately.

Never underestimate your opponent

When you are in a street fight, you don't know what your opponent is capable of. They might have some sort of training or have some background. You just don't know. Don't think your opponent cannot do anything and you can take care of this situation easily. Instead, stay focus and don't take your eyes off your opponent.

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