If you practice martial arts, you will learn many techniques. You will find some techniques complicated and some techniques are simple and easy. You can apply different techniques against a particular attack.

When it comes to self defense, you should use those self defense techniques that are simple, easy and effective. Maybe you think that you spend a lot of time learning those complicated techniques, so you will use that.

If you want to show something or it is a demonstration, you can use those complicated techniques and show your moves. Or, in a movie, we usually see different moves that are complex and unnecessary. When we watch movies, we love something that is entertaining. When movies are made, they keep in mind that.

So you see some fancy moves that look good on camera but it is not practical to use that in a real-life situation. When you are being attacked, you want to end the fight as soon as you can. You want to use only those techniques that are simple, easy and effective. You will not remember complicated techniques when your life is in danger and you're under pressure.

So, learn self defense techniques that are simple, easy to remember and effective for self defense. Fancy moves look good on movies but not in real life when you are being attacked.

What you are learning, put it into action, aka, practice with your training partner. Before making any move, think based on reality. It will help you a lot to defend yourself and your loved ones.

Thank you so much for reading this so far. Please feel free to express your thoughts in this comment section. Stay safe. Always be happy!