There are many Filipino Martial Arts that are less known and one of it is Kinamotay. This martial arts technique focuses many on hands. Suppose to be it is correctly pronounced in Cebuano language "Kinamutay", but western martial artists term it as kina mutay and kino mutai.

The techniques focus on dirty fighting with the use of biting, eye-gouging, scratching and pinching. With this technique, your opponent will suffer extensive pain where it involves hitting pressure and nerve pressure points and also involves the extreme use of grappling techniques.

It targets the opponent's groin, face, nipple, ear, and some muscles. Some practitioners refer to this as biting martial art since it primarily focuses first on biting. This kind of a brutal technique where focuses only just to win or survive any possible attacking opponent.

Martial artists may consider this as a street fighting technique but it is now being taught by many Filipino martial arts schools as well as some western schools in order for the students to learn how to react if someone will be using such technique to them and at the same time learn the basic techniques of such kind of martial arts.

This may sometimes be integrated with Filipino martial arts like Kali, Arnis, and Eskrima. Some be seeing that attacks of this martial technique might be in random but still it has extensive use of grappling which helps disable opponents in a much quicker way.

This can be both a good self-preservation and self-defense but since it has brutal components, it should be used only for your safety and also the safety others when at risk.

But still, some martial artists are not favor of such technique since it does involve biting opponents.

What do you think about this martial arts techniques? I am hoping for some comments and opinions about this kind of martial arts.