Hello Friends,

Michael Page has prove himself after knocking down Kiely who for weeks taunting. It was a beautiful win for Michael, the interesting part of the game was the flying knee Page used on his opponent. The fight did not go smoothly due to what the action referee performed before the game, during the game and after the game.

MVP is known as a showman so he has different swag he do release to either intimidate hia opponent or to show the speculators what he possess. Page who was verbally abused by the referee was not happy after Dan Miragliotta who is the referee told Page this is place is not for Hollywood star remove your glasses, what an insult! Well I feel there is something personal because the harassment did not stop as the referee remove Page point just because Page who like show off took selfie with Kiely on the mat to mock him, but the referee counted it as something unacceptable and remove his mark. As if this is not enough, the referee called Page name A PIECE OF SHIT and pushed him. This has something personal attached and Page has demanded for an apology.

Page was shocked from all this act demonstrated by the referee not because he's not expecting it, but he said, he has never sighted the referee once and this is the only fight that brought them together and its look more like Dan Miragliotta has personal hatred for Page.

On the opponent side, Kiely has receive fine of $1,000 just for given Page finger during the weigh-in and Page await the referee apology for decision and verbal harassment.

It was a great knockout in the first round of the fight through flying knee Page give his opponent Kiely and I congratulate him on his new victory.

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