Brandon Lee, the child of the world-renowned Far Eastern hand to hand fighting expert Bruce Lee, passed on in a mishap during the recording of the film "The Crow".

His complete name is Brandon Bruce Lee. Brandon Lee was conceived on February 1, 1965, in Oakland, California, to Bruce Lee and Linda Lee Emery.

He went to China with his family at 6 years old. Lee experienced childhood in Hong Kong until the age of 8. After the abrupt passing of his dad, Bruce Lee, he got back to America with his mom Linda Emery and sister Shanon Lee. He went to Emerson College, who shows craftsmanship in Boston, and dealt with Far Eastern games and dramatization like his dad. Subsequent to completing school, he moved to New York where he kept on taking acting classes at Lee Strasberg Academy.

He started his movie vocation in 1986 with "Tradition of Rage", a Hong Kong creation. After this film, he acted in the TV arrangement "Kung Fu: The Movie", "Kung Fu: The Next Generation" individually. He featured in the low-spending plan "Laser Mission", shot in South Africa in 1988, and "Standoff in Little Tokyo" in 1991, in which he co-featured with Dolph Lundgren.

In 1991, he marked a 3-film manage twentieth Century Fox. He assumed the lead part in "Fast Fire", the primary film of the arrangement. His subsequent film was The Crow, a variation of the renowned animation arrangement, thought about the apex of Lee's profession. This was additionally Lee's last film.

On the 52nd day of recording, there was shooting of the scene in which Lee's character was shot and killed. The firearm that entertainer Michael Massee shot was stacked with genuine slugs while it ought to have been dry tight. Lee was genuinely harmed by being shot in the mid-region before the cameras. In the wake of being taken to the medical clinic, Lee couldn't be spared and died on March 31, 1993, on his 28th birthday celebration.

Brandon Lee was covered close to his dad in Seattle. After this mishap, a huge announcement was readied with respect to the utilization of guns on film sets in America, which is as yet legitimate. The scene where Lee was shot was not utilized in the film and was demolished. The shooting of the film kept utilizing the trick. Brandon's face was then positioned in the pieces of the trick's face utilizing enhancements. The film was delivered in May 1994 and carried overdue distinction to Lee.

The third film in Brandon's 3-film manage twentieth Century Fox was Simon Says. Nonetheless, the venture was stopped after Lee's abrupt demise. Afterward, this content was utilized in the third film of the "stalwart" arrangement featuring Bruce Willis.

Brandon Lee's demise left a great deal of bits of gossip. A portion of his fans guaranteed that Brandon was the survivor of a homicide like his dad, while others asserted that he ended it all by supplanting the shot in the weapon with the first himself.