Jackie Chan, one of the main names that strike a chord when discussing the activity scene; at times he broke his bones and once in a while he made his pelvis move! We can say that wounds and forties are a piece of his life.

Today, we found out about Jackie Chan from the past. The celebrated entertainer nearly kicked the bucket due to a jar of brew and a tree scene! The film being referred to is the 1986 creation of Armor of God!

In one of his meetings, Jackie Chan discussed his encounters on the arrangement of the film Armor of God. In one scene of the film he needed to hop a long tree. Everything worked out in a good way for the principal endeavor to shoot the scene, however the popular entertainer figured he would make a superior showing in a subsequent take. At that point what occurred. Perceive how Jackie Chan portrays the occurrence:

. At the point when I descended I hit the stone hard. We were unable to comprehend it in the warmth of warmth! From the start I just felt my spinal pain. At the point when I needed to stand up, I out of nowhere understood that my body was numb. At that point I recollect that I was numb and saw blood around me. For this situation, I nearly kicked the bucket ... "he clarified.

In this episode, which he thought was acceptable from the outset, incidentally, Jackie Chan's skull had a break and a bit of bone entered his mind!