Img Source (Those black guys look like they came to the fight straight from the bank robbery)

I ended up on the weird side of YouTube today, and that's how I found TFC. I want to hear what you guys think, but to me it is one of the most bizarre sports that I have ever seen. That said, it is also extremely entertaining and surreal. I watched some fights on YouTube, and I can tell you that it looks like some odd scenes from Guy Ritchie's movies rather than real life.

To begin with, just watch this beautiful video:

Now, when you know everything about TFC, let's try to review it.

The game starts with five cheerleaders dancing with barely any clothes. Of course, the cameraman is focused on filming the lower part of those beautiful bodies, and I don't know if you can blame him. However, it feels odd that these classic tricks still work in the 21st century. Also, those dance moves are a little strange but let's not judge the cheerleaders here. I hope that those girls signed legal contracts and got paid instead of being forced to dance because let's be honest, the surrounding area and the whole idea of TFC looks a little illegal, to say the least. I bet that the fans loved to see those girls, though.

Wait a second.

What fans?

I mean, do you see any fans during the whole video? I don't. Maybe those cheerleaders and fighters got messages a few hours before the event with the exact location in some abandoned warehouse. That would explain it all.

Of course, the lovely presenter of the fight. She deserves a separate article, but I don't have time for that. Anyway, the presenter fits into the grand scheme of TFC perfectly - her presence and manner of speaking are just perfect for this event. I mean, if I ever needed a presenter for my illegal events, I would contact her. On top of that, the part when she says "The condition for the victory is - the last man standing" blows my mind. That is a movie scene alone. I love it.

Img Source (2 vs 1 - why not?)

Of course, everything is done in Eastern Europe, and people are talking with the Eastern European accent. I know that those are some ridiculous stereotypes, but coming from Lithuania, I can somewhat confirm it all. Eastern European men are usually more aggressive than the rest of the world. Also, getting guns is not easy, so instead, people learn how to fight with fists. I guess it is a comforting thing.

The main judge looks like he just came back from the war zone and is ready to kill the surviving participants.

Let's focus on the fights now. There are 5 people in each team, and the goal is to defeat your opponents. Some basic rules as no bitting apply, but in general, there are no rules and 5 people from one team can choose to attack one guy. In the beginning, those fights are normal 1 versus 1 as everyone finds their opponent. However, the further the fight goes, the stranger it gets. Usually, by the end of the fight, there are 5 members of one team left against 1-2 opposing guys. What happens? 5 guys gang up against 1. I mean, you don't even see that happening in normal street fights. Only drunk hooligans can fight 5 vs 1.

The whole concept of TFC looks shady. Their official website adds to it as well

Look at TFC about me section. I might not be the native speaker to judge their style but the fact that half of the sentences start with "This is why" is somewhat strange. Also, I love the part of taking amateur teams from all over the world. I am considering maybe we should get a Scorum team to participate in UFC. Wouldn't it be fun? What do you guys think? I bet we have some fighters up here.