Seattle's offseason approach to rebuilding is attracting attention. Robinson Cano, a veteran infielder, is also likely to be traded.

The Seattle Mariners are in the process of trading the Cano, with local media including 'The Athletic' and 'Baseball America' on August 28. Jerry D. Porter, Seattle's chief executive, said he was willing to trade Cano this winter.

The background is rebuilding. Seattle has traded for a generation replacement since the end of the 2018 season. In fact, Seattle traded with the Tampa Bay Rays on September 9 and handed over three outfielders, including catcher Mike Zunino, and outfielder Mallex Smith.

Cano has been a Seattle player since the 2014 season. He hit 300 homers last year and has 3,000 hits, making him a likely candidate for the Hall of Fame. However, in May, he suffered a fame in the 80-game suspension from Major League Baseball due to the use of banned drugs.

However, Cano is still a valuable resource for trade cards, and the specific teams that Seattle has promoted are mentioned. New York Yankees, New York Mets and Cano are home-grown team that they had until 2013 after their 2005 major league debut.

However, the Yankees seem to have expressed their disappointment because of the high ransom value of Cano.

Cano has signed a big deal worth $ 240 million in 10 years with Seattle in 2014, and still has half the terms and salaries. Kano's veto power is a stumbling block to Seattle, but it's a common opinion that Seattle has no time to delay for a generation change.

"Baseball America is the lowest ranked player in the league," Seattle said. Now we have to make a decision. "