Sunday was a huge day in sports for a couple different reasons. of course, it was NFL Sunday but there was a whole lot more that happened as well. On Sunday, two cities took center stage as we saw something that has never happened before and we also saw a city stake claim to sports dominance unlike any we have seen in a very long time. Ironically, the greatness of one city took place in the other city. There are over 3000 miles between Boston and Los Angeles but on Sunday they were very connected.

On Sunday, Los Angeles was host to game 5 of the world series as the Dodgers battled the Red Sox to stay alive in the fall classic. This game turned out to be part of two very unique events that are sure to be the thing of trivia banter in the future. The city of angels was home to a sports equinox on Sunday and while doing so gave birth to a city of champions on the other side of the continent.


For the first time ever in North America, a city had all of the major sports leagues playing in that city on the same day. This is an event that is only able to happen if the stars align and something very unique happens. The special event that created this first-ever moment was game 5 of the World Series falling on Sunday and happening to be in L.A. On Sunday, there were regularly scheduled games in 4 of the major leagues that happened to be taking place in Los Angeles. The NHL, NBA, NFL and MLS all had games being played by L.A teams in L.A. already and then with the Dodgers making the World Series, it became a full sweep of all the leagues playing in Los Angeles on the same day.

This actually happened!!! Source

The way the various seasons for each of these leagues is structured, it is only in this rarest of situations where this could possibly happen. This is a once in a lifetime event that we might never see again. The moment is so rare that a pair of fans decided to make the most of it and set out to attend every single game in Los Angeles on Sunday. Branimir Kvartuc and Doane Liu made it their mission to attend every single game during the day and maximize this once in a lifetime opportunity. They started the journey at the Staples Center where they watched just a single period of the Kings taking on the Rangers. After that, they rushed to see the end of the first half of the Galaxy game.

Kvartuc and Liu at Game 3 of the World Series Source

After that, it was off to see a bit of the Rams game before rushing off to Dodger Stadium to see the start of Game 5 of the World Series. Unfortunately, their goal to execute the sporting equinox meant that they would have to leave the crown jewel of the day in order to make it back to the Staples Center for the Clippers game. They had done it. The accomplished the once in a lifetime feat of attending 5 Games in one city in one day. The timing couldn't have worked out any better for them to make this happen.

I think that this is an amazing story and one that these men will have to share for the rest of their lives. The story got out before they set off on this adventure and a big deal was made of the undertaking along the way. They were even invited down onto the ice during the first intermission of the hockey game. I'm not sure I could have walked out of the World Series game. Tickets to the fall classic are so hard to get and at the point when the Dodgers were needing the win to extend the series. They did make it back to Dodger Stadium around the 8th inning but by that point, the writing was on the wall and the Red Sox were just about to be crowned World Champs.

This is the point where the story turns to chowder town and we take a look at the amazing feat that has been accomplished in Boston. Since 2000, teams from the city of Boston have won 11 major sports titles. This is an incredible number of championships to be won over this period of time in one City. Of course, the New England Patriots lead all the Boston based teams with 5 championships over that time. The Red Sox have claimed 4 titles since 2000 while the Celtics and the Bruins have both won a championship as well.

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With the Celtics looking like a favourite to come out of the East this year in the NBA, there is a potential for the 2000's title power to continue growing. Any given Sunday is a reference that basically means that anything can happen but on this Sunday history was made and it will go down as more than just any Sunday. It will be remembered as a Sunday for the ages.