Last night the New York Yankees clinched a wild card berth in the 2018 American League playoffs by beating the hapless Baltimore Orioles. Congratulations to the Yanks, they've played well this season and deserve to move on to the postseason. This morning all the sports shows had a plethora of video showing the Yanks with a full-on champagne celebration back in the clubhouse. Maybe I'm just getting old, but this just rubs me the wrong way.

I'm not just picking on the Yanks, although to be honest I am a life long Yankee-hater, every team in the postseason is guilty of this. Too much celebration. Every time a team clinches a playoff spot or wins a division or wins a wild card game or wins a division playoff series or wins a league championship series they bust out a giant clubhouse champagne party. That run-on sentence was on purpose to illustrate my point.

I'm not saying teams shouldn't be thrilled when achieving any of those accomplishments. They should. It's an honor. However only one team gets to hoist the Commissioner's Trophy at the end of the year. Why does every team in the playoffs celebrate like they won it all?

Let's look at this year's Yanks. They clinched a wild card spot, which means they will play a one game do or die contest against most likely the Oakland Athletics. There's a even a good chance they'll have to play the game on the road. It's basically a coin flip. Does that warrant such a celebration? They didn't even win their own division!

I know, I know. I'm old school, I'm not up with the times. I don't care. This kind of thing just reeks of the participation trophy society we live in today. I wish some team would show a little class and save the huge celebration for actually winning the World Series. Make it something special. Nobody cares who came in second.

What do you think? Too many celebrations? Am I out of mind? Does anyone even care? Do I even care? Sorry, started to go off the deep end there. Let me know what you think.