Hello Friends! I’m very excited to make my first contact with this awesome comunity. My name is Carlos and as you can see my user name is CJAO20 because these are the initials of my full name (Carlos Jose Arenas Oviedo).

I’m a chemistry engineer, graduated from the “Universidad de Carabobo” about almost 30 years ago; in which I’ve been working in the manufacturing industry in a continuosly way, being more specific in the area of production and conversión of paper sheets, toilet paper and any other types of papers you can imagine.

I also like sports, my favorite one is baseball. Actually, when I was a child I used to play a lot of baseball and I was really good! Here in my country, Venezuela, is one of the most popular sports nowadays. I didn’t dedícate my life to baseball because I grow up and my priotities changed but I still enjoy to watch it with my family. I got married to an amazing woman and I have 2 beautiful daughters name Angelica and Elizabeth; both of them now are studying in the university and college. The first one is a med student and the second is a psicologyst student.

I have really good expectations about my participation is this comunity and I have no doubt that of the exchange of ideas, posts, opinions, knowledge, experiencies, advices, etc.., I’ll get really good and positives results for my development here in Scorum.