The final destination for Yasmani Grandal was Milwaukee.

Accroding to reports, it was announced on Wednesday that Grandal agreed to a one-year contract worth $ 18.25 million with the Milwaukee Brewers. Because it is Grandal who has been keeping a multi-year contract for a long time, the contract is dominant that the contract did not meet expectations. It is seen as a contract to aim at so-called 'FA unsuccessful' to the player himself.

Yasmani Grandal, who was the biggest catcher of the FA, stepped out of the market with a qualifying offer from his team Dodgers this season. Randall showed great offensive power with a batting average of .241, 24 homers and 68 RBIs this season. Despite their excellent framing abilities, many teams drooled, but Randall's requirements were unbelievable. The New York Mets have announced a four-year, $ 65 million deal, Eventually, the teams took one hand off, and Randall took a one-year contract with Milwaukee.

Yasmani Grandal set a new precedent with this contract. Yasmani Grandal is the first player in the MLB history to qualify for a qualifying offer and earn more than the annual salary ($ 17.9 million this season) of a player who has signed a one-year contract with another team after refusing a qualifying offer. In general, a one-year contract after a rejection of a qualifying offer does not meet the qualifying offer in terms of market conditions. Yasmani Grandal earned about $ 350,000 in additional income from the contract with Qualifying Offer salary.