I remember when he used to do that for the tigers. Scherzer too. That was awesome. We had them both plus others, then we didn’t win a title. That was NOT awesome.Tom Seaver was my favorite pitcher, favorite Met, favorite player. Love a good pitching duel, love a good good outing by a pitcher.

Thought I might share this one:

A Sandy Koufax story...

Early in his career, Koufax was throwing very hard, very fast, but had control issues.

During practice, his pitching coach told him to relax and just throw one at 3/4 speed, so he could watch his motion better.

So, Koufax took the ball and threw it at 3/4 speed, or what he thought was 3/4 speed. What actually happened is that he relaxed, pressure off...and his "3/4" speed throw clocked in with perfect control and FASTER!

If you ever look at pictures of Koufax, take a look at his hands. They are HUGE...like the size of a baseball mitt almost.

Manager Casey Stengel was once asked who was the best pitcher he ever saw. His response, "The Jewish kid (Koufax)"

Also a cool guy, for honoring his religion and refusing to play on a high holiday...

Super decent guy, liked by everyone, got along with everyone, zero controversies...just amazing pitching...