Major League Baseball is finally getting a fresh restart, and it’s only a matter of time before the teams come down to the field to reignite the halted baseball action. Even with a 60-game season this year, MLB is no short of betting opportunities for baseball fans who are in for the profitability of an exciting baseball matchup. So if you’ve decided to hitch on this betting wagon, here’s a little MLB betting guide to warm up your strategy.

MLB Betting Sites

First, you’ll want to make sure that you’re in the best place possible, which pertains to the sportsbook offering the best Major League Baseball odds and offers.

Particularly for Bitcoin gamblers that comprise a massive population of baseball bettors, there are a few good names in the BTC betting market you might want to consider. Some of those sites include Bovada, Nitrogen Sports, BetOnline, and Cloudbet. These sites have a standing reputation in online Bitcoin betting, especially for MLB.

Popular MLB Betting Types

An MLB betting guide isn’t complete without a list of the betting types. Baseball comes with a rich variety of betting styles to choose from, and like other sports, there are certain betting formats that work best with MLB betting. Here are a few examples.

Moneyline Bets - Betting on money lines is the easiest format to use. You simply predict who the winning team is, and if you made the right pick, you win the money.

Run Line Bets - Run lines are a lot like point spreads. You pick a winning team, but the catch is that the team must win by a certain number of runs, or on the flip side, the other team must lose by a certain number of runs.

Parlay Bets - Baseball parlays are some sort of a one-time bigtime bet. You get yourself into multiple wagers, and in order to win the grand prize, you must win all of them.

Series Bets - Postseason bets are also widely used in MLB betting, in the form of series bets. During the MLB postseason where BOS matchups are set, sportsbooks open wagering options that usually center on which team will likely win the series.

Quick Tip - MLB Betting Strategy

Let’s end this with a MLB betting guide with a quick tip: it’s important to note that every betting format, especially moneylines, don’t pay the same amount for every bet. The more likely the team is gonna win, the lesser the payout. That’s why finding value in your bets is key.