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Dodgers Manager Dave Roberts scuffling with Arizona players opposing team and excited too.

In the bottom of the 11th inning, Dodgers' first batter, Zach Pederson, who was trailing 2-3 in the bottom of the 11th inning, walked out with a walk to save hope for a turnaround. The next batter, AJ Pollock, was hit in the wrist by a ball thrown by Arizona's sixth pitcher archie bradley. However, the referee ruled that the catcher caught the ball that bounced off the tip of the bat and declared out. According to report the Dodgers asked for a video readout, but the decision was not reversed.

AJ Pollock was apparently hit in the wrist and was declared out. As he walked to the dugout, Bradley shouted, "Go in fast. Dodgers players responded by yelling at Bradley. At the end of the game, Bradley said a word toward the Dodgers' dugout and players from both teams rushed out to the field. Fists did not come and go.

However, bench-cleaning, which seemed to end as it was, almost turned into a big fight when Roberts suddenly rushed to point out one Arizona player. According to report, roberts said in a post-match interview that a player in shorts and a T-shirt made impulsive remarks and actions to make the fight bigger. The player was later identified as Robbie Ray, a Arizona starter. Fortunately, the players from both teams headed to their respective club houses without causing any bigger problems.

After the game, Roberts said, "I'm usually lenient with referees. But today is a clear misjudgment. A new system was introduced to prevent such misjudgment, but today it was clearly wrong. There is a big difference between first and second bases with no outs and one out. The referee's decision has had a big impact on today's game," he said. "AJ Pollock was coming in through the dugout, making sure the ball hit his wrist is okay," Roberts said. Our players couldn't stand watching Arizona pitcher Bradley yell at Pollack to get in quickly. Bradley said he provoked us with unnecessary action even after the game.

In the first game of three consecutive games with the Arizona Diamondbacks at Dodger Stadium in California, the Dodgers lost to Arizona catcher Carson Kelly 2-3 after hitting two home runs. The Dodgers, which had a 2-0 lead in the top of the ninth, allowed closer Kenley Jansen to hit a two-run tiebreaking home run, and Julio Urias lost to Kelly 2-3 in the top of the 11th. Jansen did not wait for reporters after the match. There was nothing particular he wanted to say, so he quietly disappeared from the clubhouse.

In addition, the Dodgers were struggling with empty work on the day. They didn't record a hit except in the bottom of the third, when they scored two runs on two hits. Arizona, on the other hand, had 12 hits, but failed to score many times. Kelly only had three RBIs with two home runs. The Dodgers are 17 games ahead of runner-up Arizona in the National League West.