Correspondent Board of Directors New York Yankees eternal Captain Derek Jeter will hold an induction ceremony in front of fans a year and a half after he was elected to the Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame announced on the 10th that the Hall of Fame induction ceremony, which was canceled last year, will be held on September 9th at the Clark Sports Center in Coopers Town, New York,with fans watching.The 2021 induction ceremony will be broadcast live on the MLB network.

The Hall of Fame induction ceremony is one of the most popular baseball events in the United States.Since 1992,it has been held at the Clark Sports Center Ground, and every year 50,000 fans gather to celebrate and enjoy the Hall of Fame of major league legends.

However, the induction ceremony scheduled to be held on July 27 last year was canceled due to COVID-19, and this year, it was decided to take place in September, not July. Tickets are free, but you must apply for tickets in advance through the Hall of Fame website as crowds may be limited due to COVID-19. The number of spectators will be finalized according to New York State guidelines at a later date.

Jeter, Marvin Miller, Ted Simmons and Larry Walker, who were inducted into the Hall of Fame last year but were unable to attend,will be inducted this time.