Clayton Kershaw a franchise star representing the Los Angeles Dodgers and ace of the Los Angeles Dodgers in the American Major League Baseball (MLB), is paying attention.The Dodgers have not offered a one-year, $18.4 million ($21.7 million) qualifying offer to Kershaw, who has become a free agent, but fans want him to remain with the team. Amid speculation that Kershaw could retire, there are also cautious speculations that he could relocate to his hometown team,the Texas Rangers.

Fans and clubs seem to have different views on Kershaw's stay.The LA Times introduced a letter of hope from readers by setting up a corner saying,Kershaw should only wear a Dodgers uniform.The Dodgers should renew their contract with Kershaw said one fan,as a tribute to the legend.A realistic alternative was also presented,hoping that the two sides would reach an agreement at around $15 million.

If not,they predict retirement.If Kershaw threw more, it would be the Dodgers. Dodgers legendary pitcher Koufax played 12 seasons from 1955 to 1966,recording 165 wins,87 losses and a 2.76 ERA in 397 games, and retired at the age of 30.Even during his retirement season,he was in his prime to receive a Sai video.

Kershaw played 121⅔ innings in 22 games this season,recording 10 wins and 8 losses and a 3.55 ERA.His big league debut in 2008, with the exception of last year's shortened season,is the minimum game, minimum innings season.His ERA is the worst since 2008.He was placed on the disabled list three times this year and was excluded from the postseason.

The Dodgers are looking at his performance and situation coldly.In a recent interview,Dodgers president Andrew Friedman, who did not offer a QO, said in a recent interview,The club wants Kershaw back did It seems to mean following the will of the club.Transfers, which are evaluated as a third way,are also mentioned.According to reports CBS Sports predicted that Kershaw would leave the Dodgers and wear a Texas jersey in its predictions for the top 20 free agent destinations.