This is a memory of Micah Hoffpauer, who played as a foreign player for the Nippon Ham Fighters in 2013.

The Japanese magazine Number Web introduced an interview with Hoffpauer on the 30th about his first impressions of Shohei Ohtani of Los Angeles Angels.

Hoffpauer played for Nippon Ham from 2011 to 2013.He joined Ohtani in 2013, his debut season in Japanese professional baseball.

Hofffauer vividly remembered Ohtani's first spring camp 2013 season.

He remembered,I knew about Ohtani before joining the club.I used to watch high school baseball broadcasts with my colleagues at the clubhouse.I knew he had great potential,but it was unprecedented to work as a two-player professionally.To be honest,I was skeptical.However, when he saw Ohtani silently performing rigorous training at the age of only 19, he erased the question mark.

Hofffauer said,Even during camp,Ohtani had two menus: pitching and hitting. Ohtani faithfully trained without any complaints.Even players who have been pro for many years training at the camp are difficult.Ohtani never took anything out of practice.I felt that the will was very strong,he recalled.His will,as well as his ability was great.

Hoffpauer said,We were in the same group as the veterans during batting training.One day, we heard a great noise from a far.We all went to see,What is it?' It was the sound of a batted ball hit by Ohtani. Because of that, everyone was amazed.

He was too early to be surprised. It was time to watch pitching practice.

He recalled,I saw him throw to a batter for the first time after a while.I couldn't speak because it was ridiculous.A few days ago,the guy who flew 400 feet (about 122 m) threw the ball beautifully at a professional level.It was a veteran atmosphere,he recalled.

I couldn't help but envy Ohtani's natural talent.Hoffpauer said,It's a natural talent that can't be learned with practice alone. It seems to wield it lightly,but it shoots an absurd power shot.It was like watching Ken Griffey Jr. suddenly.