The Los Angeles Dodgers news,Dodger Blue mentioned Clayton Kershaw's stay as one of the New Year's wishes list for 2022.Kershaw is still emphasizing the need.

The Dodgers' top priority right now is to fill the starting rotation. And Kershaw is probably the best pitcher you can get on the free agent market right now."

The legend of this franchise isn't the best pitcher he used to be, but he's still an ace pitcher, and a contract with Kershaw will somehow be worth it,he added,urging Kershaw to stay.Played for 14 years, he recorded 185 wins, 84 losses and a 2.49 ERA and 2,670 strikeouts. He won three Cy Youngs, one MVP, eight All-Stars and five ERAs. It's the Dodgers' living legend.

His long-term contract ended last year and he became a free agent.However, he did not receive a qualifying offer from the Dodgers.He missed last year due to elbow pain and the Dodgers were not active in staying with Kershaw.Kershaw's hometown team,Texas, went on a rampage with the signings of Corey Seager, Marcus Semien and Jon Gray in turn, and scored Kershaw as the final puzzle.Kershaw is also moved by an offer from his hometown team.

However, the Dodgers lost a cigar in the free agent market and also lost Max Scherzer to New York Mets).One departure from Scherzer left the starting lineup poor. In the local media, the opinion that Kershaw is needed in the Dodgers starting lineup is actively emerging,regardless of the nostalgia and symbolism of the past.The same goes for Dodger Blue.

Walker Buehler and Julio Urias one-two punches are no problem.But starting with the 3rd pick is a problem.Trevor Bauer is there,but Bauer's allegations of sexual assault are not yet over.Dustin May underwent elbow surgery last year and hasn't been able to join since the start of the season.Not to mention the weight of Tony Gonsolin and Andrew Heaney.The Athletic said,Bauer is not in the club's plans.May also won't be back before the All-Star Game.The currently confirmed starting lineup is far from the starting lineup that can compete in the National League West Division championship race.

Above all, the expected results for 2022 indicate that Kershaw will be in good health.In ZiPS, a record prediction model devised by Dan Zimboski, predicted that Kershaw would pitch 130 innings in 23 games for the Dodgers, averaging 11-6, with a 3.38 ERA, 27 walks, and 146 strikeouts.The detailed metrics are also great.He predicted that he would be averaging 3.60 FIP (no ERA), 10.1 strikeouts per 9 innings, and 1.9 walks per 9 innings.

He also predicted that his WAR (contribution to victory versus substitutes) would also hit 3.He is fourth among the pitchers after Buehler (4.6), Urias (3.9) and Bauer (3.1). But Zimboski also predicted the Dodgers performance, saying,Bauer could be a pitcher who could come back and hit WAR 4,but given the allegations of sexual assault,he may not play for the Dodgers.The Dodgers have to make a decision, he said.The fact that Kershaw was needed was communicated indirectly.

The American opinion is that the Dodgers still need Kershaw.Will Kershaw ever remain a Dodgers legend?