Fernando Tatis Junior of San Diego and Padres finished the gorgeous return to the Vietnam.

Tatis Junior is a 2021 major league expedition with the Arizona Diamond Bag in Chase field on the 16th and the two-thirds of the 5th home runs in the fourth RBI.

Tatis Junior who came back in 16 days and returned to the shoulder injury.Since his return,he led the team's 8-2 victory and a team of multi-home runs. San Diego's donated stopper (4 consecutive) was Tartis Junior.

Tatis Junior who finished the game was to remember why fans missed him.He feel like that.I feel like I can not go to the game,and It was a long time,I returned to 100%.

We will rebound again as a team.I have confidence.When I look at baseball, I have a time to get up and collapsed.I have to find a way to go to the team.

Jayce Tingler San Diego and Padres supervised Tatis Junior's joining. He said, Tatis Junior has such a personality to attract the other party. He was welcomed to come back and glad he came back.

Eric Hosmer,who contributed to victory on the day,Tatis Junior constantly surprises us. As soon as he returned from the injured list.I did not miss myself from once.

San Diego is a dollar crisis thanks to the one-man show of Tatis Junior. There is a recent debt, and now a wildcard spot can not be guaranteed.Signboard Star' Tatis Junior is the time of a steady active action.