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Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Ryu Hyun-jin and Washington Nationals pitcher Max Scherzer,who are competing fiercely for Cy Young Award in the U.S. Major League Baseball, were all over again.

Ryu pitched in an away game against the Colorado Rockies on Wednesday and recorded three hits and no runs in six innings.

Though he didn't get support from batters and didn't collect a win,he scored no runs in the Coorsfield, clearing the humiliation of seven runs and an early hard plate in four innings in the last game.

In the first place, there was a possibility of Ryu adjusting the rotation so as not to lose his ERA before he took the mound at Coorsfield, but he and the Dodgers chose to go head-to-head and eventually proved himself to be the best pitcher in the current Major League with his skills.

Ryu, who succeeded in lowering his ERA at Coorsfield away, was given another gift instead of a win.

According to report that the major League Baseball secretariat announced on its official website on Tuesday that Ryu's ERA in the season has been adjusted.

Ryu previously had eight hits and two runs in seven innings against the Boston Red Sox. The two-run process was caused by a fielder's error, but the record holder admitted it was Ryu's own fault.

In response, the Dodgers requested the major League Baseball's secretariat to revise the records and was accepted after close examination. This further dropped Ryu's ERA to 1.53 from the previous 1.66.

In particular, Ryu's pace does not show signs of falling even when the heat wave hits, with his ERA standing at 0.55. At this rate, the first Asian to win a Cy Young Award is no longer a dream.

Ryu's loss against Boston has been corrected to a visa.On the other hand, Scherzer, who is on the disabled list due to back pain, is continuing his frustrating moves.

He complained of pain in his back after playing in the final first half against Kansas City in the 7th, and was eventually put on the disabled list.

Scherzer, who had a return match against the Colorado Rockies on Wednesday, underwent a thorough checkup the next day and was put on the disabled list again. He has already been on the disabled list for the second time this season, and has suffered considerable losses in the Cy Young Award race.

He has pitched 134.1 innings in 20 games this season, with nine wins, five losses and a 2.41 ERA.

He is losing to Ryu in multiple wins, ERA and innings. Ryu, in particular, has been a two-time starting pitcher for the Coorsfield this season, while Scherzer has never pitched. The number of strikeouts (189) is what it should believe, but the number of strikeouts for the second consecutive year has actually gone down the drain due to the continued list of injured people.

While Scherzer, who is burning his will to return, is preparing to make an onslaught, Ryu is on the 10-day disabled list due to neck pain, and will take a breather.

The Dodgers announced on Thursday that they have put Ryu on the 10-day disabled list. The registration of will be applied retroactively to the second day.

Coincidentally, Ryu was on the disabled list at a time when Scherzer is about to return on August 6. This may be the last chance for Scherzer when Ryu Hyun-jin is leaving the ball for a while as a bit.