The return of the best batter Mike Trout of los Angeles Angels of the Major League was in seconds.

Trout said on the 21st (hereinafter referred to as", has turned to the pre-economic basis in Auckland and has more progress on recovery.On the last 20 days,he said,I also had a short-range sprint.The media expected the time of trout in July.

Trout was listed on the right of the waist, which was diagnosed with the right calf, the right calf.During the 18th day,trout was reducing his leg and showed a signs of abnormalities.Although the number of spaces was expected to be a six to 8 weeks,his return was delayed.

It is very ideal that trout that had been injured was injured.There is no pain on his leg, and the blue shoe was on to his return.Join La Angels Director said on the 21st interview,I hope everything is right for return and everything is smooth,I hoped to return.

The departure of the trout was large evil in Angels.The core of attacks trunnels were covered by a 36-game romance of 0.333 8 home runs 18 RBI OPS 1.090 in 36 games.Signage Star's Van's Vani (the batting average 0.274 34 home runs 74 RBI) and Jared Walsh (batting average 0.271 22 home runs 66 RBI) have been made, but it would have been to show huge destructive power if the trunge was together.

Currently, the Angels go to 46 wins 48 Lao, the American League West Earth. Now that I just entered the second half of it, but the riding with the lead Houston Astros is 10.5 games.The recent three-year-old swamp and the atmosphere is sitting.In other words, the turmoil of the trout is more urgent than ever.The Key Point is expected to return to the anti-Angels in the second half of the year.