Japanese hitter Yoshitomo Tsutsugo became a different player when he wore the Pittsburgh Pirates uniform.

He was a hitter at 10% in Tampa Bay last year, and this year, he played for Tampa Bay and the Los Angeles Dodgers, and he couldn't break the batting average of 10. But in Pittsburgh, where he was given a new opportunity,he became a powerful long hitter. During his professional baseball career in Japan, he became the home run king in 2016 and hit 205 home runs in his career.

Tsutsugo started as the 6th designated hitter in the game against the Chicago White Sox on the 2nd and recorded 1 hit in 4 at-bats.In the first at bat in the 2nd inning against Carlos Rodon in the 10th win in the league (2.41 ERA), he hit a right double by hitting the first curve (120km). With this hit, he hit his ninth extra long bat after moving to Pittsburgh.It's a curious record.Tsutsugo has appeared in 15 games for Pittsburgh and is batting 20.08 6Rs (10 hits in 35 at-bats).5 homers,1 triple, and 3 doubles. There is only one single hit and nine long hits.

He doesn't hit many hits, but when he does he's a long hit.Enough to threaten opposing pitchers in his at-bat.He has a .857 slugging percentage and 1.190 OPS, although he has a .857 batting average thanks to a lot of slugging.This is why Pittsburgh fans are cheering for Tsutsugo in a short time.

Tsutsugo also set a record for a Japanese hitter in the Major Leagues.On August 30,in the home game against the St. Louis Cardinals,he finished at 1st, 2nd and 1st in the 9th inning after lagging 1-3 in the ninth.He lifted Alex Reyes first pitcher (143km) and hit a comeback ending three-run homer that flew over the right fence and out of the field exploded

The Japanese media introduced,It is the second record for a Japanese hitter to hit a home run to finish off the comeback since Ichiro hit the New York Yankees in 2009 in Seattle.