Hyun-jin ryu will play the second appearance of the season against Texas.Hyun-jin ryu will start at the 2021 Major League away match against Texas held at Globe Life Field.Texas is the first opponent Hyun-jin ryu meets after advancing to the major leagues in 2013. As such, it is an unfamiliar environment for Hyun-jin ryu, and this is bound to be the same for the other person. Earlier,Hyun-jin ryu recorded 4 hits, 1 home run, 1 walk, 5 strikeouts and 2 runs in 5.1 innings against the New York Yankees, which was the opening game of the season.He did not record a win or loss, but given that it was the first game and the away game, he was good enough to get a passing score. This time, it's a completely different situation. First of all, Hyun-jin ryu had no experience standing on the mound of the Globe Life Field, home of Texas. In addition, since Texas has virtually been admitted to the crowd after the opening, the unilateral support of home fans is inevitable. It can be expected that pitching at the level of a quality start (6 innings or more and 3 runs or less) will be enough to win the season's first win.The Texas starter who will face off against Hyun-jin ryu was Kyle Gibson, who started the opening game as an ace, but could not fill one inning against Kansas City and bowed his head with four hits and five runs.The texas home stadium will be filled with a full crowd.The most important opponents are still Texas hitters. Texas, which is evaluated as the weakest player this season, is a team composed of a single hitter. Nate Rowe, Brock Holt, David Dahl, and Joey Gallo, who make up the center batting line, are all in the left at bat, and Joey Gallo's last year's batting average for left-handers was just 0.143, which is a level that can't be beaten. We can't help but wonder about Hyun-jin ryu's ball formulation. Although it is still early in the season,Hyun-jin ryu showed a slight drop in his average fastball speed compared to last year in the opening game. Whether it's due to being less relaxed or the natural decline in restraint with age, this is the point to watch in this Texas match. However,Hyun-jin ryu is known as a pitcher that cannot be evaluated only by restraint. In fact, even in the last Yankees match, the highest fastball speed was 91.8 miles per hour about 147 km, and the average speed was 90 miles about 144 km.The Yankees hitters couldn't catch the timing of Hyun-jin ryu's fastball, but most of the missed swings were a pattern in which the pitcher went back to the mitt. It also means that the power beyond restraint was considerable.The combination of the cut fastball, which has greatly increased its weight instead of the fastball, and the changeup that will be used as a decision ball, is also impressive with the changing pitches of the side, it is expected that the first win of the season will be safely achieved if only the elaborate game that shows strength to both left and right hitters survives.