US President Joe Biden does not participate in the opening game of the major leagues. An official from the Washington Nationals team said in an interview with the Washington Post on the 31st that President Biden will not appear as the initiator of the opening game with the New York Mets to be held at Nationals Park on the 2nd. White House spokesman Jennifer psaki also told a press briefing that President Biden is not scheduled to head to the Nationals Park this week, but there will be an opportunity to bring the news to baseball fans soon.Washington sent a love call to President Biden from November last year. When the news of President Biden's election was delivered, he left a message on the club's SNS, saying,'I hope to see Biden-elect at the Nationals Park before the opening of next year.From Pennsylvania, President Biden is known as a Philadelphia Phillies fan. As a result, it was predicted that he would find the Philadelphia home game instead of the opening game in Washington. The White House did not give a clear answer to this. Presidents of the United States have been participating in the opening game of the MLB for over 100 years. Since President Howard Taft's first mound in 1910, U.S. presidents have appeared in major league events within their tenure. However, former President Donald Trump has broken his traditions since he has never visited a ballpark after his election. The Major League Mound is not unfamiliar to President Biden. As former president of Barack Obama, he was vice-president and started playing the opening game at Camden Yard, home of the Baltimore Orioles in 2009.