With four home runs, two of them from Most Valuable Player Steve Pearce, and a brilliant monticular work by veteran David Price, the Boston Red Sox of Puerto Rican manager Alex Cora won their ninth World Series this Sunday by defeating the Dodgers 5×1 in Los Angeles in the fifth game (4-1). The Boston Dodgers won their fourth title of the century (2004, 2007, 2013, 2018) and are the most decorated painting since 2000. The Red Sox barely gave their opponents a chance at home, with a two-striped bambinazo from the experienced Pearce's first inning, accompanied by solitary Mookie Betts' sixth and J.D. Martinez's seventh in a day to forget star pitcher Clayton Kershaw.

With this result, Cora closes a dream course as a Red Sox driver, his first on the team bench, becoming the first Puerto Rican manager to win the title and the second Latin American to do so after Venezuela's Ozzie Guillén (2005). In just five minutes, the locals were two behind. Hundreds of fans in red Red Sox shirts made their opponents' pitch vibrate. In the blink of an eye, they laid the first stones of their success. Again, through their powerful offensive. Again with Kershaw in front, as in the second game. However, David Freese immediately answered with a solitary overturn to shout present. The Dodgers could fall but were willing to sell very expensive their skin.

Freese sealed a triple in the third inning that gave wings to his team for a few minutes but the locals left empty. Not so the visitors in the sixth and seventh, when Betts signed the first home run of his career in postseason and Martinez accompanied him with another by the right garden. Kershaw's mishap was total, extending his record to eight bambinazos allowed in elimination games. Manager Dave Roberts saw it clearly and removed him from the game to the detriment of the Dominican Pedro Baez. But it didn't matter. The visitors were on fire with the woodworker and they also punished him with a new homer by Pearce to the delirium of his teammates.

"Being here is a dream come true. It's the best feeling of my life," Pearce said after being named MVP.

Dozens of fans then began to leave the stadium. They had already suffered too much.Many did not see therefore how Cora withdrew Price after seven episodes in which he only allowed one hit after the first inning for a total of three in the crash. The pitcher went away applauded, having been one of the key pieces in the Boston title. The clock ticked and tears ran down both sides at the same speed as the champagne did on the pitch, with the winners celebrating a success that is already in the history books on its own merits.