After starting the spring training, the New York Yankees have signed Brandon Drury (from Arizona) and Neil Walker (four million a year). I could not believe the newcomers, Gleyber Torres and Miguel Andujar who did not know where to go.

Torres, who is 21-year-old, has played 123 games, 24 home runs, 77 RBIs (.271, .340 .480), 239 RBIs, 149 home runs, 27 home runs, 92 RBIs (.297 .328 .527) 11 home runs) and drill (1 home run) totaled 12 home runs.

Torres was the first blast. Jason Giambi and Mark Teixeira's No. 25 pitcher Torres has been a ninth-inning scorer and has scored many of the Yankees' recordings (9 home runs, 3 youngest & 4 home runs). But he was injured ahead of the All-Star Game (294.35555 in the first half) and was not the same as before (249.329.4404 in the second half).

Randy Johnson had a better second half (.319 .345 .575) than the first half (.279 .316 .489), which was the 41st main character who avoided Bernie Williams (51) (47), Rangers (76), RBI (92) and RBI (27). Yankees third baseman Hideki Matsui (103) and Aaron jersey (114) last year, who have won 90 batters since 2003, with the best batting average (0.297) since Robinson Cano (2013) It was.

The 47-double double was the No. 2 player in the history of the New York Yankees (449 in 1936), a major league record (1929 Dodgers Johnny Frederick 52), 27 homers and 76 hits in DiMaggio (29 home runs 88) And Jermaine (52 homers, 79).

There are 17 newcomers who have posted more than 25 home runs and 90 RBI since 1980. Among those who did not become Rookie of the Year were Danny Tata Bull (Seattle) in 1986 and Todd Helton (Colorado) Tate Fire (25 home runs, 96 RBIs) had 33 homers and 117 RBIs and Jose Canseco (Auckland). Helton (25 homers, 97 RBIs) had Kerry Wood (167 innings 13-6, 3.40) And Otani Shohei, who played a meaningful role as both pitcher (.285 .362 .564, 22 home runs, 61 RBIs) and pitcher (52 innings, 2 wins, 3.31), was defeated (25-5).

The area that got the big penalty was the third base defense. And the DRS (Defensive Run Save) -25, which made him the last of the infielders. The only worse player in the undercard was center fielder Charlie Blackmon (-28). He was on the opposite side of Matt Chapman (+29), who finished third in position as the third baseman.

That's why we are seeing a 4.8 out of 4.8 in the baseball's reference attack (oWAR), which is not much different from Paul Goldschmidt (4.9), Freddie Freeman (4.9) and Maxmanship (4.8) (BWAR) of 2.2 (Otani hitters and 2.7 pitchers, 1.2).

Can the defense under the underground be improved? In 2007, Ryan Braun (Milwaukee) recorded a disaster in the history of DRS (112 games -32) and became the left fielder the following year. For Bron, the left fielder was a perfect fit for his body (total left field +28). Nick Castillo North (Detroit), who hit -30 in 2014, had more opportunities than Braun. But he finally got out of the way and became an outfielder. In 2014, Pedro Alvarez became the first baseman after recording 25 errors (24 errors), but the first-round was serious. Unfortunately, I did not find any noticeable improvement in the defense of the younger third baseman who showed underprivileged defense.

He has already started hell training at the spring training camp in Tampa, Florida. I made 7 mistakes in this year and 7 pitching mistakes this year. It is a challenge to fix hard footwork and to learn steady and smooth throwing movements (shoulders are very good). The Yankees' judgment is that they can improve enough if their integrity is intact. There is also talk of a special invitation to Adrian Beltre during spring training. I grew up dreaming of Beltre, a native of the Dominican Republic.

There is one big problem for Andhua. That's the line. With 27 home runs and 25 walks (97 strikeouts), Salvador Perez (27 homers and 17 walks) out of 48 players who hit more than 25 homers this year was two less walks than a home run. The rate of batting production was the worst in the batting average (4.1%) among the 140 battalions, and it was the 12th highest rate (39.4%) in the off-zone batting.

Salvador Perez (141 homers and 131 walks) and Jonathan Skop (110 homers and 98 walks) have not been able to solve the problem until the end. But there are cases that do not. In 2005, 22-year-old Robinson Cano scored 14 homers and 16 walks with nearly equal performance (batting average .297 OBP .320) to Anduha (batting .297 OBP .328). However, I started to get enough walks in the third year. However, the fact that early Cano's small walks were derived from 'too many contacts' is different from 'too much idle swing'.

The Yankees are in contact with Manny Machado (26), who has been pressing J A Happ (36) (34 million a year) and James Paxton (30) from Seattle. Dido Gregorian (28), who is expected to return to right-back of the All-Star Game next year after receiving surgery on Tommy John, may be considered. Meanwhile, JT Realmuto (Miami) negotiations (a three-way trade deal with the New York Mets) have been on the market.

I wonder if I can still wear pinstripe in front of me. If the Yankees keep their eyes on the game, it will mean that they have a positive outlook on the two problems.