This Idiot Hit a Player. Image Source

We all hate something about the sports we love, right? Just because we enjoy watching grown men and women battle each other in heated competition doesn't mean there aren't things that stick out like a sore thumb and make us go WTF!?

There is a "tradition" of sorts that I can't stand. I've seen this play out at least a dozen times in MLB ballparks across the country (well, Chicago and Detroit and on television everywhere else) where a fan of the home team will throw a baseball back onto the field after the opposing team hits a home run. Instead of keeping this valuable souvenir or even selling it (home run balls can be authenticated and sold for $100+), fans throw the ball back onto the outfield. As a sports collector myself, this hurts me, and it's dangerous.

Have you seen or heard about this?

This is not a cute tradition or one without consequences or risks. Here are a few quick reasons why this trend needs to stop:

  • It's against stadium policy and many fans are then asked to leave the game. I have seen fans completely stunned after throwing the ball back and then being asked to leave by security. 
  • It's intentionally throwing away money and a piece of history. Maybe you don't care about collectibles or $100, but at least save the ball for your kid or a member of your family who would think having a HR ball is cool. 
  • It puts players at risk (several have been hit with balls being thrown back onto the field). 
  • It puts fans at risk (not every fan has an arm that can get the ball back onto the field).

Other than being a silly tradition, which there are many in sports, I see no logical reason to throw a call back onto the field. But that's just what I think. This is where you come in. What do you think? Good, enjoyable tradition, or something that needs to stop?

Note: Stay tuned for more information about my sports-focused freewriting group that I will be starting here on Scorum (and sharing on Sports Talk Live). I'm doing my best to make sure it will bring more, solid content to Scorum so I don't upset touchy and/or concerned members of our community. No promises, but I will always give you my best.