For many years already there are discussions about who really is the ancestor of baseball. Some suggest that Russia with its bast shoes, someone argues that the paw has roots in England. Americans also confidently declare that baseball is their national know-how, invented exclusively by them and can not have analogues.

History of the game

Now no one can say with absolute certainty when the lapta was born. In a word - ancient it is exact. Some historians even claim that it was known to mankind as early as the 10th century BC. And the Armenian scientist Tarjan expresses a very fantastic version - even Jesus played lapta in childhood. Anyway, religious figures are known for their love for this occupation. Archbishops gave themselves up to playing ball in their free time.

The scientist Duran says that during Easter and Christmas, the bishops, together with the clerics, closed themselves in monasteries, houses, playing bass and singing musical parts. But in Veliky Novgorod found quite real felted balls and wooden beats, which already almost completely prove that the lapta existed there as far back as the 14th century. By the most modest calculations, it is at least 700 years old! Similar to the lapta games were and other nationalities. For example, the Finns enjoyed the popularity of the game called "peso pallo", the British have the similarity of lapta still called "cricket", and the Americans - a world-famous "baseball".

Description of the game

Lapta is a team game with a special ball and bits. Players of the first side serve the ball at the furthest distance possible. While he is flying, they must run through the entire area (and she is not quite small in size) and return with him back. The task of the second team is to intercept the flying ball and prevent it from catching rivals.

In order to play the Russian Lapta, you will need to collect two teams. The number of players does not matter much, but should not go to extremes (optimal for 8 people on each side). The main task is to hit the ball, which is submitted by a representative of the opposing team, as far as possible. Lapta's game involves constant simultaneous jogging, then back and forth. The opposing team must "piss off" the ball. If your run is successful (that is, the ball is beaten and thrown away), then points are awarded. The lapta game takes place at a strictly agreed time period. The team that wins the maximum number of points at the end of the match wins.

Russian Lapta. Rules of the game

The venue can be either closed (in the premises of the sports palace) or open (on the open air field). A mandatory condition - it must have a flat and rectangular shape. On the playing field are two features, between which about 50 meters. The width of the field can vary from 25 to 40 meters. The first side is called the kon, and the second is called the city.

Players go to the playground. They were already divided into two identical teams. With the help of lots it is determined which of them will take place on the position of the city, and which of them will drive. The first attacked by the city team. The first server fights a special ball with a bat (lapta) as far as possible and further. At this time, the player must run after the direction of his movement. It is clear that he must strike in the direction of the stake. The driving team catches that same ball. If she receives it, it will try to tarnish ("piss off") the running player-rival. You can throw the ball to each other. Thus, a more convenient position is acquired for throwing into the opponent. When this procedure is completed, the move goes to rivals.

In the event that the player who hits the ball unsuccessfully strikes, and the opponents catch him, he should not run to the player, because his rivals can catch him very quickly and put him down. The best solution in this case is to stay behind the line, in the "suburbs" security zone.

Players who are in the suburbs or behind the stakes should just wait for release. It can only be done by one person - the person who serves. If he manages to make a good pass (to hit the ball and throw it away), he manages to help the player of the team during his run.


Sometimes there are very difficult situations in the game of Lapta. The rules of the game are still able to resolve them. For example, if there is only one player in the asset - the team did not play very well, and all but the server are at the stake or in the suburbs. What can be done in this case? The rules of Russian lapta say that here the move is given to the player who has never hit the ball. He can make three hits. But if he still misses several times, the team gives way to others.

If the ball flies over the sideline, it does not count. And the applicant himself has no right to join the city line. The player, if he can not hit the ball with a lapta, it is permissible to throw it with one hand. The win will be counted when all the participants even hit the ball at least once, but he never crossed the line. The party is completed. Now players can change platforms.

Interesting occupation - Lapta. The rules of the game say that any change in the composition of teams should be warned by the secretary. The question of a disputed ball is decided only by the judge. Players must thoroughly study the rules of replacement and placement in the game field.

Penalties and violations

Has also a system of fouls lapta. The rules of the game warn that the ball should throw only vertically (not along the arc), from the position of the open palm and without twisting. Pay attention to violations when jogging, returning the ball to the house, breach of protection and when deposition. Strict, but the paw is fair. The rules of the game are mandatory if you want to play laptu not as a beginner, but on a more professional level.

Player Behavior Rules

Teams must cooperate, not be aggressive towards each other. Respect for the coach, judges, assistants is a must. Principles of sport ethics should not be violated. Unsportsmanlike conduct and neglect of recommendations threatens not only the yellow card, but also the exception from the team. Stopping time in unforeseen situations should be perceived adequately. It is very important to carefully study the gestures of the judges that they apply. Here are some of them:

• The extended hand is palm up - feed.

• Two whistles - a slip.

Whistle and bending of hands - out.

• Extension of the hand with the palm downwards - sedimentation.

• Two extended hands with palms down - re-salting.

What will you need to play laptu?

An interesting feature of the game in Lapta is that you do not need specialized and often expensive equipment. It can be well managed using a standard set:

• Lapta - a kind of stick, a special long bit;

• an ordinary rubber ball, about the size of a tennis ball.

Lapta sizes are needed as follows:

• Length - 60 centimeters;

• The width of the base is 10 centimeters;

• Width, thickness of handle - 3 centimeters.

Criteria for the ball:

• small size;

• easy to grip;

• fit in the full palm of your hand;

• Do not injure your fingers;

• can not cause severe bruises.

Other types of baits

The English Lapta is also common. Successful race - a successful comeback with points for your team. The game is complete only when everyone has been inside the castle an equal number of times. The number of hits on the ball is unlimited.

Derived from English lapta sport - baseball. The goal of the game is to score the highest number of points. Attend 18-20 players. The match is held with the help of accessories such as a bit, a lapta and a ball.

The derivative of the Lapta game is a laptball. It is a game with a racket and a ball. The goal of the game is to score the maximum number of points, having passed through three bases.

The game in Lapta is a fascinating pastime, both for beginners and for world-class athletes. Try and you plunge into all the quirks of the sports world!