I couldn't help but smile like ole' blue eyes Frank Sinatra as I watched the Boston Red Sox put salt n the wounds of the New York Yankees. . .They played 'New York, New York' in the clubhouse after their win last night. .

It's not that I hate the New York Yankees as a team, however I do dislike Yankees fans. New Yorkers are completely obnoxious when it comes to anything "New York" and they are even more so ridiculous when it comes to their team in pinstripes. . .If I have to sum Yankees fans up, I would simply say, they are assholes. .A close second or maybe even a tie between Philadelphia Flyers and Eagles fans. .

Anyhow, this is a classic video that I'm sure the wonderful fans in New York are cringing at today. . A bitter sweet rendition in the clubhouse in a series dominated by the Red Sox.

Disclaimer: I am not a Red Sox fan, so don't be leaving me hate comments if you're a butt-hurt Yankees fan.