I drink a lot of beer and watch a lot of sports. . . I have my best sports conversations with my neighbor who has his garage set-up as the ultimate sports "man-cave". . .

Recently after a few "pops" and watching our Cubs play, the game was interrupted by an instant replay. . .This brought about an interesting discussion between the two of us. . .My neighbor is all for instant replay in baseball and thinks it makes the game better because of all the blown calls. . I on the other hand can't stand instant replay in baseball and think it taints the game to some extent. I guess I am a traditionalist in regards to what the ump calls is what the ump calls. It's a game for god's sake and it has been played this way for many years without the use of cameras to "get it right". Some calls go your way and some don't. It is what it is and the umpire making calls without instant replay as a crutch is the way the game should be played. . 

On the other hand, I have realized and accepted that instant replay in baseball is probably not going anywhere anytime soon. With this being true, I do feel that if we are going to keep instant replay around then we should also eliminate the home plate umpire for calling balls and strikes. If we are going to taint the game then lets taint it all the way.

The home plate umpire can "screw up" the game just as much as the base umpires. Am I not correct? Why not use a computer to call balls and strikes so everything can be "perfect". Lets let technology take away from the great game of baseball so more.  .Heck, why not remove the home plate umpire at all levels, professional or not. 

As the voice said in Field of Dreams, "Go the Distance". . .And if we are going to keep instant replay around then go the distance and eliminate the home plate umpire as well. No more coaches arguing and getting kicked out of the game. Everything will be great. 

Well, you know where I stand on this one, however I would be really interested in hearing what the Scorum community thinks. Hopefully this will get some friendly banter going in the comments section. 

Should we eliminate the home plate umpire or not? Let us know what you think.