Via MassLive

Here we go the best time of the year in baseball. The World Series begins tomorrow between the Red Sox and the Dodgers. Out of the World Series matchups from 2000 till 2018, this might be the best matchup we've seen in a while. Two historic franchises are going head to head. You have two managers who played for both teams as a player in their careers. Also, it helps with ratings which will be up from last years World Series in my opinion. For starters you have Dave Roberts coming back as the manager of the Dodgers. We all remember his game-changing steal in Game Four of the ALCS. The Sox would complete the greatest comeback in playoff history. Then would sweep the Cardinals in the World Series.

Sox manager Alex Cora was on the 2007 World Championship team. The Sox played the Colorado Rockies and would dominate the whole series. The 2013 team was something special too after the Marathon Bombing the whole city came together as one. That whole Sox team led by David Ortiz really showed they were the team to beat that year as it was an inspirational season. Then after that, the Sox had two playoff appearances which they got eliminated in the first round. Winning the division is not good enough, all that matters in Boston is World Championships.

So now we have 2018 Alex Cora has been the difference maker this season there's no questioning that. He's been honest with the media and his players. He's not afraid to make substitutions when needed to benefit the team. Also, he brings that young vibrant vibe to the clubhouse which was missed with John Farrell. The Sox have their power hitter in J.D. Martinez who really put up MVP numbers this year as well as Mookie Betts. The starting pitching all season has been good despite the bullpen struggles. The bullpen struggles have not mattered at all this postseason as Cora has picked the guys he trusts out of the bullpen.

During this series, you're going to see some great hitting and pitching from both sides. Also, the in-game strategy that these two managers will use throughout the game. Expect Sale to dominate in Game One. I think the Sox will hit Kershaw and if they can score first as they did in the ALCS they should win the game. Scoring first is important it sets the tone and being at home is even more of an advantage. You already have the Dodgers complaining about the cold in Boston. They are sounding like David Price who complained about pitching in the cold in April. But the advantage goes to the Red Sox. Nathan Eovaldi has been the best pitcher this postseason making Dombrowski look like a genius for acquiring him at the trade deadline. The Dodgers were in the World Series last year against the Astros and took them to seven games before losing. Cora knows the Dodger crowd is going to be into it as he was the bench coach for the Astors last season.

Finally, this series could go seven games. I personally think the Sox win this in five. Them scoring first, everyone hitting in the lineup, and the pitching the Sox are too good. They went into New York and Houston and shut them down the Dodgers aren't an easy task but they'll be alright. So strap in, get ready for the four-plus hour games, and enjoy baseball at it's finest moment.