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Dodgers vs The Brew - Underdog laying +140
Many are gonna fight me on Kershaw and the Dodgers to win Game 1 tonight. Here's my problem the injuries that Kershaw has had all year leave him with big shoes to fill here in the light of the playoff games. I still think that injury is still a bit bothersome and while the Dodgers have been by the skin of their teeth winning games I think theres some real problems with them that people aren't alluding to. Now take the brew, theres a method to their madness and its not Gio here. Gio is but a proxy shield here to absorb the damage before their epic rally of relief pitchers take the scene. They have been on fire literally for the last month with a strategic set of relief pitchers closing and shutting down all offenses in baseball. Look for that continued strategy to keep happening. The Brew here are big upset underdogs at home almost because of Kershaw I guess, but realistically as my mentor in betting says. Most major league teams lose 40% of the games. As I look here, while the game is at home in Brewland and Gio is starting the goal for them is to have Gio stay in for a solid 3 innings here keeping the score low, if theres an early runs breakaway with the Brew, look to the powerful tactic of relief pitchers coming in every other inning to shut down the bats of the Dodgers here. Im sorry but i LOVE the underdog here. Totally taking The Brew today! Great underdog money and hard to pass up. I'd also combo parlay that bonus line money with a Red Sox ML win with Sale in tomorrows game. I think the red sox will not be powering down tomorrow for Verlander. Taking ML +140 Brewers Taking Parlay ML +140 Brewers / -103 Red Sox As Always If you question my Accuracy Stats you can either review each post here, I don’t erase any picks wins or losses, or just go to my BIO to see my Stats. I update them after each game in completed. Sports Picker: MLB 6-3 (66%)NFL 8-6 (57%) NCAA 12-5 (70%) How to find me Steemit: Steemit: Discord SugarSteem: Discord: TheUXyeti or TheUXyeti#5698 IG: thetravelyeti Twitter: Scorum:

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